GBF Wishlist

ID: 6795882

Praise KMR for the new rainbow meta playstyle.

My preferences is function > husbando/waifu material(s)



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I only lack a healer and a veil bot, that’s all.


WATER (just try to kill this element, KMR)

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I need fire dmg cutter(s) for more Xeno Ifrit axes.

I just want Drang for Sugita.

[Katalina (and Katapillar) obtained 30/06/2017]

[Lily obtained during 10 free draw 2017 Summer campaign]



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I just want to be a simple wind player.



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Yugu bullies me a lot. Screw this element, really. Screw Bahamut weapon synergy litmus test because Tezcat.

I’ll manage my earth grid the last of all the elements. Even if that means I have to forsake Xeno Cocytus for stronger water grid…………… screw this element.

[Razia obtained on 30/06/2017]

[DLF ticketted]



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I’ve longed for a light team ever since gacha blessed me with exceedingly great Dark characters. My light grid is building slowly and painly but, it gets better as time goes by. In fact, Lumineria dropped me more guns than Yugu did to me with swords.

I got Ferry several days ago from Golden Week free 10 pulls. Then RNG blessed me with a Lumineria Sword Omega drop at afternoon on the day I write this section [11/05/2017].

I just want Heles and Seruel in the same team.

[Seruel obtained and Lucio sparked on 30/06/2017]


DARK (my main element)


Yep, Cag is the last piece I needed in my Celeste axe playstyle. Because I always need a healer from the start.

And I never wanted Summer Zooey. If I want to play claw [and axe hybrid] build, I can just do it on my own without Zooey. I learnt this from Nightmare GW farming experiences.