FGO Wishlist

ID: 819,788,077

A F2P player. My account is mostly played and managed by my sister so………… I can’t say much for some of the Servants in this list.

The reason why is because my phone’s android version is no longer support the game to run and so we (kinda) play FGO together in her phone. Though that being said my sister have her own account*.

Sis’ comment: I’m the one who actually play the game and keep the account growing while *mine is left unattended for events (haha), but I too be thankful to be able on keep playing onto CCC event. Wish for the best for the future of this game.





Altericon Attilaicon Brideicon Ryougisabericon Mordredicon Musashi_icon ArthurIcon

Of all the Sabers, I want Arthuria Alter the most, because she’s the best girl. And her damage target all enemies and deal tons of dmg, ’nuff said.

Saber Shiki suck. But she’s pretty, so ok.

Sis’ comment: Nat’s basically need more AOE NP Saber, which I prefer Attila and Mordred.



Gilicon Arjunaicon Ishtar_icon ShinjukuArcherIcon

These Archers are made of pure badassery, except for Ishtar……. I’m not a fan of her performance in battle but she has a damn great design and I can’t stop staring at her. She’s perfect.

Sis’ comment: For this class, we need more sophisticated ones; the first three’s powerful AOE NPs and Moriarty, because he’s MORIARTY.



Scathachicon Brynicon KiyohimeLancericon TamamoLancericon Arturia_lancer_icon

S H I S H O U  P L S  C O M E  H O M E

Sis’ comment: Nat lacks quality lancers that both have powerful AOE and single-target NP – that said Arthuria Lancer has invulnerability-pierce effect and Karna’s absurdly powerful AOE Buster NP.

[12/05/2017] Karna obtained in pursuit of Kiara



Marieicon Drakeicon Ozymandiasicon

Francis Drake deals tons of dmg and—


Sis’ comment: Nat almost got no gold Rider except Santa Alter so these Riders will be wonderful additions and Astolfo, don’t you ever dare to come.

[??/07/2017] Summer Mordred obtained via single ticket



Medealilyicon Davinciicon MarieCastericon Illyaprismaicon Merlinicon

M E R L I N  – I was there when everyone want Sakurai’s characters in both FGO and GBF at the end of 2016.

Sis’ comment: Also Xuanzang (whose icon is too small to be inserted here) for single-target Buster NP (also for Ilya). Mary’s here because I like her summer design very much and Merlin, the most OP support (combined with the already-got El-Melloi II and Tamamo).



Jackicon Heroinexicon ShutenIcon Kinghassanicon

Absorb ’em crit stars hard.

Ok, except King Hassan.

Sis’ comment: MHX is here only because she’s so OP in critical damage, even though I still hate the SAO’s references.



CuAltericon Yorimitsuicon HijikataIcon

People said Cu Alter is the best Zerker so I follow them.

Ushi Gozen… I laughed the first time I watched her NP. It’s so Monty Oum-ish lol. But I grow fonder of her (ok except for that part of her personality tho) and want her.


Sis’ comment: I skipped pulling anything at Meiji Ishin for the sake of CCC event, now I realize we want him since we already have Okita, Nobu and Chacha.



Jeanneicon MarthaRulericon

I generally think Rulers are suck. But I need tank and Class advantages. Tank and kick ass for me, holy maidens.

Sis’ comment: Jeanne is forever be in my wishlist because she keeps the party alive from the very first day this game launched, and Martha is an offense-kind of Ruler.




I need better Medusa, that’s it.

Sis’ comment: To be honest, I’m already satisfied we got Jeanne, Angra and Monte Cristo but Gorgon’s design and voice are also the factor we want her. (Should we add Lobo too?)




More Alter Egos, the better. She’s better in this game than CCC, I guess. She should meet Andersen in my inventory too.

Sis’ comment: Alas I’ve save our quartz for the event and I actually summoned all the three new Servants, but DW got me triggered when they actually throws Kiara into the frickin summon pool (marketing strategy be damned).