Granblue Fantasy 2nd Sparking

At first, I want to spark Olivia. Instantly fell in love with her skillset, but those cooldowns are bull****. Aaand… people begun to report that her 3rd skill is meh. Whatever. Shut up, Reddit. I’m genuinely happy with her utility and her passive BUT THOSE COOLDOWNS FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Anyway, this time, I got better results than my first time sparking. Got more characters, few but OP summons and no gold moons.

Thanks to Christmas and Happy New Year daily free draw roulette, my sparking can be splitted into 2 days due to me lacking another 40 pulls. At 29th, I got only 10 pulls but got 30 pulls at 30th. So, I rolled everything on the 30th and sparked on the 31th. I did everything at approximately 4:00 AM.

Here’s the result.


I wasn’t expecting to pull Light Vira and Olivia immediately during single ticket draws. Haha… I mean I didn’t get Yugu during her rate up back then during my first sparking.

I have mixed feelings for getting Summer Zooey. Here’s the thing, I never wanted her. Even to this day. Because if I do and now that I have her… Mein Gott, I have to farm 2 more Celeste claws, whereas I haven’t get and finish my 5th Chev sword. But, I get to slay Chev Magna lot faster now, so… Hallelujah.

My heart jumped at the sight of Wing of the Pure. God is good.

At first, I’m conflicted whether to spark Orchid or Drang.

According to the Gaijin tierlist, she’s stronk. But Orchid will die easily when her HP shield is used up for 2 turns. Upon reading that, I got paranoid over my past experiences with Dark Jeanne and Narmaya. They once die so easily. So, maybe next time when I find interesting Flash Gala character(s).

Drang may not be a water core but I really like his utilities. Plus, he heals and is voiced by Sugita. So, I sparked Drang.


goddess of victory

I want to work on the other two CPU songs but I really need to work on my portfolio………………………………


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My #1 favorite CPU song. Kana Asumi’s voice rocks this song.

Argh, I totally forgot to finish my portfolio and now I did 2 translations in a day. Well, this song is rather easy to translate… and I’m tempted to do Black Heart’s song too… no, I have to finish my portfolio.


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Granblue Fantasy 1st time Sparking

So last night, at approximately less than 00:00 JST (00:00 JST is what my room’s wall clock showed which actually not according to my phone’s clock) I conducted my first Sparking, ritualistically. Ritualistically is by what I mean a “golden hour” or the perfect time to draw. It worked in FGO several times (not so little times) so I want to test it in GBF.

The result?


*bolded Characters means the ones I really want.

The bad

My only complain with the result is… I didn’t get any wind characters. Like seriously. I need only one more Wind SSR. This making me skipping this July’s Xeno Vohu rerun.

Now I’m extremely confused to ticket between Juliet or Gawain…

The good

God, my heart jumped when I saw Murgleis flew onto my face. Like dayum, a miracle!

I even only got 1 gold moon. Not that I regretted ticketed Narmaya. This gold moon saved my farming for CPs for more Class IV.

I only got 5 SSRs but these SSRs are extremely usable SSRs. Thank God. I’m actually really happy. Plus, I actually got most SRs that I want… only 2 SRs missing (Jeanne and Zaja).

Narmaya situation drama CD

Dedicated for /r/Granblue_en

Forgive my amateurish translations. I hope this translation is suffice for your enjoyment.

Many thanks for GardenOfHeliotropes, GtheUniverse and Dyslexic_Baby for fixing my mistakes.


Link to the full image [NSFW]: http:/


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