I’ve been eyeing Caligula ever since the game came out.

I prefer Reina Ueda’s vocal in the original recording of the song instead of the anime arrange version (great arrangement btw just felt too slow on some parts), because the うるさいな!!!!!! part is more dramatic.

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哭 / Doukoku (A Wail)

“What’s this?” It’s Meltlilith’s character song, ladies and gentlemen. She’s my favorite, so I didn’t hesitate to translate it after I remember this song exists in my phone, and listened to it.

It blew my mind when I find out that Mai Kadowaki (yes, Illya’s seiyuu) wrote the lyrics. Have fun.


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オペラ / OPERA

My laptop got problem for 2 days after sudden shut down and Windows update. It became extremely slow. But tonight, Hallelujah, it recovers after I tried system reset and it failed. Thank God for CCleaner. Merry Christmas, Happy New year and God bless everyone. Now, on to the show.

This song is damn cool. I considered this song to be Reinhart and Mercurius’ image song, even though there’s no such official description. Plus, brought to you by their respective voice actors.


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My #1 favorite CPU song. Kana Asumi’s voice rocks this song.

Argh, I totally forgot to finish my portfolio and now I did 2 translations in a day. Well, this song is rather easy to translate… and I’m tempted to do Black Heart’s song too… no, I have to finish my portfolio.


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