goddess of victory

I want to work on the other two CPU songs but I really need to work on my portfolio………………………………


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My #1 favorite CPU song. Kana Asumi’s voice rocks this song.

Argh, I totally forgot to finish my portfolio and now I did 2 translations in a day. Well, this song is rather easy to translate… and I’m tempted to do Black Heart’s song too… no, I have to finish my portfolio.


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イナンナの見た夢 (Inanna no Mita Yume / The Dream Inanna Saw)

This is my first ever lyrics translation that I actually took confidence in to publish. I haven’t really studying basic Japanese, but I do picked up skills from reading visual novels, listening to drama CDs and other people’s song translations. Basically I know basic sentence arrangement grammar but I haven’t go down into the verb. So don’t expect the translation to be 100% correct. I will be needing all the help you can give me in the comment section if you find grammar mistakes.

I’ve been waiting for YEARS for someone to translate this song, but eventually I have learned (some, if not a little) and decided to do it by myself. Sigh…


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