Theisms in Re:CREATORS

Before you complain…
…God knows how to make multilayered character writing.

This is basically the theme I expected from such title and story; views of God. I expected that no one will cover this topic while analyzing Re:CREATORS. Because who are you kidding, postmodernism?? Well, someone kind of covered it already. But the article doesn’t cover the religious/theism part so I’m the one who’ll do that.

Re:CREATORS is made by Japanese with a general sense of polytheism. Different gods create different persons, thus writing their respective stories. And that’s why each people have different destinies.

The difference between humans and fictional characters is the other is alive and the other isn’t.

In Re:CREATORS, the creators – thus gods, has their own personalities which make them create their creations in their image. Before you protest this is too Judeo Christian view, as a matter of fact this is what is called psychological projection.

Later when Altair brought these creations into the meta universe, we can see how together with their creators (well not all of them) communicate in a very personal way.

Major spoilers alert.

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Write up on Re:CREATORS (eps 1~6)

I’ve started to watch Re:CREATORS only 2 days ago after downloading all of the episodes up to 6 which are recently available at that time. The 1st episode is interesting, promising but it’s also a horribly messy for an introduction for a story. So, I’m just going to write about things that happened so far between the 1st to the 6th episode. This will be a spoiler free review because I’m just extracting values.


First things, first, the bad(s):

The world doesn’t have concrete set of foundation rules. ‘But this is just another Isekai genre’, that doesn’t mean it can’t have its own world rules. A story without concrete foundation rules is boring. Without rules, no one follows the rules and no one breaks them either. There’s no stake, and thus, no thrill.

There are no introductions to any of the fictional characters prior to transportations by the Military Uniform Princess (MUP). “We are famous, so you should know everything about us”, doesn’t work. At least, the anime should be giving out quick summary of the stories where the characters are originated from. This is where the exposition should take place instead. If you can show it, don’t tell, if you can’t show it, then tell.

Another character handling problem is the roles of each character has. I remember Final Fantasy XII. The same happened with Re:CREATORS. Most characters don’t have a definite role in the story. Meteora as a negotiator. Sota is just a gimmick protagonist, a necessary piece but not a necessary personality that is needed to move the plot forward. But that’s just it.

[HorribleSubs] Re-Creators - 04 [480p].mkv_snapshot_14.05_[2017.05.17_15.06.07]
I’ll pay Meteora for either getting a vacation or a duct tape
Exposition. Modern anime(s) always have problem handling the exposition. I don’t mind philosophical exposition because it’s telling what the characters’ thinking (see Gen Urobuchi’s works), but this… Another world terminology exposition… it’s everywhere, so I won’t be going over it. Because many anime bloggers probably said things about it already and maybe even better than what I’ll be ever saying.

Let me rant just a little.

Hollywood movies and anime(s) lately casually acts as if the audiences are living inside a cave and have absolutely no idea about how things work in fantasy setting. They’re so passionate in making cash grab series that is so profound that the audience are dumb to understand a thing. So they need to explain every single damn thing… Good Lord…

Okay, ranting’s over.


Now, the good(s):

S A W A N O   H I R O Y U K I. I will not be watching this anime if it’s not for his music. Even if I knew the anime’s gonna suck (I don’t even finish Kabaneri), the first episode is enough for soundtrack samples already.

MUP’s character design. Just. Look. At. It. She’s basically my case of another instant favorite character on the first sight. I have no idea you can make a pigtail girl this cool looking. She’s literally a perfect character to be viewed from front. Just. Look. At. Her. Face. And. Her. Eyes. Also, she has awesome dialogues on the first episode, so there’s another point.

[HorribleSubs] Re-Creators - 01v2 [480p].mkv_snapshot_12.01_[2017.05.17_14.56.13]

This line. This one line. Hits my theology and philosophy buttons too fast, my brain exploded. Finally…!! I’ve been looking forward for this topic ever since I saw this season’s anime line up. Talking about creators means they’ll talk about so-called-gods named humans. I’ll write another post about this.


Final verdict:

If I have to give Re:CREATORS a score for the current 6 episodes, that will be 7/10. There’s no such thing as a perfect story. Something that is perfect in your own perception, is not for others. I praise Re:Creators for being brave in starting a new style of storytelling instead of copy pasting for safe in its genre. But at the same time, I look down upon this show for forgetting basic narrative rules.