Theisms in Re:CREATORS


Before you complain…


…God knows how to make multilayered character writing.

This is basically the theme I expected from such title and story; views of God. I expected that no one will cover this topic while analyzing Re:CREATORS. Because who are you kidding, postmodernism?? Well, someone kind of covered it already. But the article doesn’t cover the religious/theism part so I’m the one who’ll do that.

Re:CREATORS is made by Japanese with a general sense of polytheism. Different gods create different persons, thus writing their respective stories. And that’s why each people have different destinies.


The difference between humans and fictional characters is the other is alive and the other isn’t.

In Re:CREATORS, the creators – thus gods, has their own personalities which make them create their creations in their image. Before you protest this is too Judeo Christian view, as a matter of fact this is what is called psychological projection.

Later when Altair brought these creations into the meta universe, we can see how together with their creators (well not all of them) communicate in a very personal way.

Major spoilers alert.

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[thought’s rantings] The Relationship between the Titles of the ‘Boss’

[note 31/03/2017] This is not really an essay. It’s just a really messy essay, aka rantings…. sigh, I really don’t know how to write an essay huh, now how did I passed IB diploma program again…? The content of this ranting is serious but if you’re experienced in writing papers, this rant will burn your eyes. Maybe I will fix this ranting in the future, who knows…


A legacy casts shadow in it’s future.


Snake Eater is awesome. But considering it’s predecessor Sons of Liberty, the series is kind of making a few step downs on the depth of it’s narrative (either you like it or not). Though it’s post modern writing quality doesn’t degrade at all, it got better actually. But if you still think that Raiden and Rose suck  up to this day, you better clear up your mind and think for a while about their ‘annoying’ codec calls.


I’m severely addicted to Broad Spectrum Studios dub of Hiimdaisy’s MGS fan comics, I’m so sorry…

I want to talk about the relationship about The Boss and Big Boss (previously Naked Snake) and beyond. Why? Because popular opinions usually bothers me the most because they’re popular and people just swallow them whole. Furthermore, I want to interpret a sense of duality in an identity of those as the Bosses.

And it’s really hard to decide on a title for this essay…

This essay covers MGS3 and MGS5, major spoilers alert.

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Monty Oum and the legacy he left behind


Last night (by the time I write this) I read Shane Newville’s letter that was dedicated to all people who treasured Monty in his Tumblr. To those who don’t know who Shane is, he’s Monty’s close colleague. He worked for Rooster Teeth (shortened as RT) to be able to work together with Monty in the very first place.

Shane is an awesome guy. The integrity is strong with this one.

READER DISCRETION IS NEEDED. I have reconsider things that the letter is solely from Shane’s perspective. I’m not trying to (tell you to) hate RT as I only direct this issue to RWBY as a series that was thorn from it’s creator in unfortunate series of events apart from whatever else that RT’s working on now. Continue reading

Regarding Intoner No. 0


Zero has been my female favorite video game character ever since I found out everything about her story (her novella) and the proceeding events (which is the game). This analysis is my take on interpreting Zero, so don’t take it too seriously. Note that I’m an amateur.

FYI, this is something that not many (even Drakengard fans themselves) people knew but Zero’s original name is Utsubeni (Japanese version from The Complete Guide). Rekka Alexiel explained this further.

Basically, you can read her story in here. But personally I prefer the fan-translated version because it’s more literal to the original Japanese version and zero swearings either.

<<major Drag-on Dragoon 3 spoilers alert!>>

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