Post-trauma off “Saw”


John’s single wham line continues to haunt me. In many levels. I can’t sleep that night I watched Saw.

I’m both grateful and blame my little brother to watch this movie together. Previously before watching Saw, me and him watched Exam (2009). It has share the similar “pay attention in the beginning” key plot with Saw. So, I take it Exam as sort of my prep movie for Saw. Thanks brother. I’ll write a separate entry for Exam.

I’m not going to review the movie, I just want to share why this movie shocked me into my core and how I deal with it.

I’m going to focus on Adam and Lawrence. Undetailed major spoilers ahead, so you can still watch the movie. I’m not providing any screenshots, because someone will have to pay me to rewatch the movie. Continue reading “Post-trauma off “Saw””


Thoughts on surreal movies

I adore that wire art and the voice narration.

I love surreal movies. Especially the black and white ones. Though I have to admit I haven’t watch more than 20 surreal movies. My favorite surreal movie directors are Jan Svankmajer and Jean Cocteau. As for David Lynch… I’ll get to him eventually.

To be honest, I’ve barely watched 10 surreal movies. And Cocteau mentioned that surrealism doesn’t exist… Then, what am getting myself into…?

How did I get to surreal movies at the first place? Well, as far as I can remember I picked up surreal visual elements from Studio SHAFT’s Monogatari anime series and Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Rebellion Story movie.

This may be sound lazy, but another thing that strongly pull me into surrealism is it’s simplicity. Or so I thought, at first. But simplicity still applies as it’s most fascinating factor. It can be defined by compressing a number of ideas into a visual symbolism that is commonly perceived as ambiguous.

Human’s emotions are not something that logic can contain. Therefore it can only be conveyed truly and vastly on dream logic.
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Granblue Fantasy 2nd Sparking

At first, I want to spark Olivia. Instantly fell in love with her skillset, but those cooldowns are bull****. Aaand… people begun to report that her 3rd skill is meh. Whatever. Shut up, Reddit. I’m genuinely happy with her utility and her passive BUT THOSE COOLDOWNS FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Anyway, this time, I got better results than my first time sparking. Got more characters, few but OP summons and no gold moons.

Thanks to Christmas and Happy New Year daily free draw roulette, my sparking can be splitted into 2 days due to me lacking another 40 pulls. At 29th, I got only 10 pulls but got 30 pulls at 30th. So, I rolled everything on the 30th and sparked on the 31th. I did everything at approximately 4:00 AM.

Here’s the result.


I wasn’t expecting to pull Light Vira and Olivia immediately during single ticket draws. Haha… I mean I didn’t get Yugu during her rate up back then during my first sparking.

I have mixed feelings for getting Summer Zooey. Here’s the thing, I never wanted her. Even to this day. Because if I do and now that I have her… Mein Gott, I have to farm 2 more Celeste claws, whereas I haven’t get and finish my 5th Chev sword. But, I get to slay Chev Magna lot faster now, so… Hallelujah.

My heart jumped at the sight of Wing of the Pure. God is good.

At first, I’m conflicted whether to spark Orchid or Drang.

According to the Gaijin tierlist, she’s stronk. But Orchid will die easily when her HP shield is used up for 2 turns. Upon reading that, I got paranoid over my past experiences with Dark Jeanne and Narmaya. They once die so easily. So, maybe next time when I find interesting Flash Gala character(s).

Drang may not be a water core but I really like his utilities. Plus, he heals and is voiced by Sugita. So, I sparked Drang.

オペラ / OPERA

My laptop got problem for 2 days after sudden shut down and Windows update. It became extremely slow. But tonight, Hallelujah, it recovers after I tried system reset and it failed. Thank God for CCleaner. Merry Christmas, Happy New year and God bless everyone. Now, on to the show.

This song is damn cool. I considered this song to be Reinhart and Mercurius’ image song, even though there’s no such official description. Plus, brought to you by their respective voice actors.


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Experience with Blade Runner 2049

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer.mp4_snapshot_02.13
I still think the title style is ugly, though.

I saw and went to the theater with my friends to watch the new Kingsman movie. Personally, I’m not interested at all with Kingsman but I really want to watch something at that time, because we waited one another for 2 hours. Blade Runner 2049 poster caught my eyes before I entered the theater, so I suggested it to my friends. They somewhat agreed because there’s no other movie that caught our interest other than, at least this one.

At that time, I thought; eh, maybe I’ll watch a bad action movie once in a while. I sneered at the poster. I seriously underestimated the movie because the movie is a sequel, and Hollywood’s sequels from [great] old movies are always unquestionably bad.

Flashback time. My encounter with Blade Runner series begun earlier than watching 2049. When I was in senior high school, a classmate pointed out to my T.O.K. (Theory of Knowledge) teacher that Blade Runner is a good movie, and the teacher smiled and nodded. At that time, I mistaken Blade Runner with a certain movie which title I already forgotten. What I remember about the movie is that the main character is a teenager who can teleport to many places. At the same time, I’m confused with the movie’s title. What’s a Blade Runner? People who run with blade? They have blade in their wheels? Or, something like that? I didn’t know IMDB at that time and didn’t even bother to find a thing about it. This was back then in 2011, if I’m not mistaken.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer.mp4_snapshot_01.47
This was the only image that I remembered to gave me an idea about the movie.

Back to present. Overall, the movie defied my expectation. It’s a good movie. It has great soundtrack, though still inferior compared to the original prequel. Turns out, Blade Runner 2049 was not an action movie but a robot drama…? So, I didn’t think I waste my money ardently.

It’s my best movie #2 of 2017 after Coco, because I have issues with it. Spoilers ahead.

This rant came from the memories of what I have left from watching the movie, so don’t expect it to be accurate.

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